GameStop Tries to Win Back Customers’ Trust after Coupon Bungle The mea culpa comes after people learned the company had pulled a
competitor’s coupons from Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a free OnLive
version of the game. Posted on Sunday Aug 28, 2011 8:20 AM by Christina DesMarais GameStop wants a do-over after angering customers by removing coupons for a competitor that were in boxes for a popular video game. Customers who bought the couponless game are being offered a $50 gift
card and a “Buy Two, Get One Free” used game purchase coupon. The mea culpa comes after the company landed in hot water recently when people found out it had pulled coupons from the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a free OnLive version of the game worth $50. While GameStop understandably didn’t want customers trying out a
competitor’s cloud gaming platform, gamers didn’t appreciate the
company removing the coupon included in the box by game publisher Square
Enix. Square Enix has since said it never told GameStop about the coupons in
advance and agreed to take back any unsold copies to remove the coupons
itself. As reported by SlashGear, GameStop’s CEO, Paul Raines, sent an email to customers apologizing and saying the company
wants to win back their trust. “We regret the events surrounding this title release and that our
customers were put in the middle of this issue between GameStop and
Square Enix, the publisher of this game. And for this, we are truly sorry,”
Raines wrote.


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