Windows Phone 7 Apps Hit 30,000 Mark

Posted on Tuesday Aug 30th at 11:26am It’s still got a long way to go to catch Apple and Google, but Microsoft’s App
Hub for Windows Phone 7 is gaining steam.
The number of available applications for Microsoft’s mobile platform now
totals more than 30,000, according to the blog Windows Phone Applist, which
tracks Windows Phone 7 apps. Apple’s App Store counts 425,000 apps, while
Google has about 250,000 Android apps, according to unofficial tallies. Microsoft needs to continue to build its app count if it hopes to catch its rivals
in the smartphone market. Between Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7,
the company commands less than 6% of the total U.S. mobile OS market,
according to the latest numbers from Comscore. Google’s share now tops 40%, while Apple’s stake stands at almost 27%. Microsoft is hoping that the release of the Mango update later this year will
boost its numbers. Mango adds more than 500 new features. Many are backend services that will be transparent to the end user, but others, such as
multitasking and hardware assisted Web browsing through Internet Explorer
9, will yield noticeable improvements. Microsoft last week said it had started stocking its App Hub for Windows Phone 7 with applications that can take advantage of capabilities built into the
Mango update. “This means that new and existing titles optimized for Mango features like fast
app switching, background audio, multiple and double-sided Live Tiles, better
Search integration, and more will begin publishing in a matter of days,” said
Todd Brix, Microsoft’s senior director for Windows Phone marketplace, in a
blog post. Brix said Windows Phone users who are running a pre-release version of
Mango will be able to download and run the new apps almost immediately, but
general consumers will have to wait until Mango is made officially available.
Brix did not specify a release date, but most observers believe the Mango
update will drop sometime in the fall. Microsoft also shipped a release candidate (RC) of Windows Phone SDK 7.1 for
developers. The kit includes a “Go Live” license that allows developers to
publish their Mango apps on the Windows Phone App Hub. It also includes the
completed Marketplace Test Kit, which lets developers test their apps to
ensure they meet Microsoft’s technical certification requirements before
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