usage and continuation

The tension that runs over and over through my thinking of art according to Alain Badiou is that of the construction of an allegorical structure of a subjectivity in particular works of art–a figure which would be adequate to our times (by going beyond out times)–and of the inter-workly construction on the level of the materials of a new intension (as François Nicolas would call it), an artistic truth-procedure (in Badiou’s language). The former is that of an allegorical presentation of subjectivity within a work, and the latter is the ‘actual’ subjective movement of an artistic truth itself across works.

My hunch is that it is not enough to simply instantiate in a particular work of art the historically ‘correct’ figure of subjectivity, nor is it enough to be part of a creative procedure of the thinking through of artistic materials (a truth procedure as the construction of a new onto-logical…

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