Fans of marginalia: Take note. Subtext is a startup that is attempting to bring those incisive notes (or sophomoric jokes) you used to leave in the margins of textbooks or your favorite fiction online — and make them interactive. Subtext is bringing a new social eBook reading experience to the iPad.

If you’ve ever paid the extra cost for a fuller music listening experience, a behind-the-scenes look at the band, a DVD, etc., then you can probably get a sense of what Subtext is trying to do with reading. Except that the startup wants to offer an enhanced reading experience that, while adding neat additions and sidenotes, author commentary, and Web connectedness (for free) — doesn’t distract from the reading experience.

Essentially, this all means that Subtext is offering a reading experience on the iPad that allows users to engage in conversations with friends, community members, as well as authors…

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